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Fibre Optics
We call ourselves 

Yobitel a Managed SaaS Cloud Service Provider offering Network & IT Infrastructure, Multi-Cloud Hosting & Consulting, Container Orchestration, Cross Cloud Pollination, DevOps, DataCentre, Security services globally.


We help customers use technology to effectively turn ideas into value. In turn, they transform industries, markets and lives.

We achieve global transformation in IT through unify, automate and digitally connect everyone across the world. Keeping evolution as Constant, we make a platform for every individual and organization to reinvent and innovate their business during each convergence phase in technology.


Our vision broadens the function what we capable of, “Transform - Converge - Automate” 

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We make IT environments more efficient, productive and secure, enabling fast, flexible responses to a rapidly changing competitive landscape. We enable organisations to act quickly on ideas by delivering infrastructure that can be easily composed and recomposed to meet shifting demands by which they can lead in today’s marketplace of disruptive innovation.

We bring transparency between people and business to achieve their goals exponentially, simplify complex ideologies and make things into reality beyond imaginations continuously.


Our transformation in every business is carried by the culture we practice, service we follow, products we bring, solutions we provide and mission we focus.

Accelerate Your Learning With Us


As a dynamic, young and innovative organisation, we encourage entrepreneurial spirit and out-of-the-box thinking across the organisation.


Life at Yobitel here is full of action, fun and rewards. We hire talent from all parts of the world, encourage diversity of thought and action; play often and celebrate frequently.


Opportunities are wide open – across our many operational locations, divisions and engagements with market leading clients.


Our Goals

Our ultimate Digital Transformation roadmap begins with an approach to address the DNA of Septillion data transactions and Yottabyte storage limit by 2025, causing a great demand in Artificial Intelligence and Supercomputing needs to achieve Data Driven Business Intelligence Fabric suit over an Open Architecture principles. 


With a greater vision of marching the right platform to benchmark the capacity of data through Activity Based Intelligence and providing Perceptive Analysis roadmap, motivating tremendous performance up gradation in business agility, cost, security and data speeds. 

Abishek Raju
IT Entrepreneur | Founder | Evangelist | Technology Influencer

A highly motivated, self-driven, young and energetic, empowered Entrepreneur from strong IT Infrastructure background, worked with Top firms - AT&T, IBM, Cisco & SAP. Majorly involved in bringing Innovations inside, Execution of Techno Commercial IT products and solutions to create a connected world and simplify IT in human life.  

Abishek Raju oversees the Company’s worldwide Financial Planning & Analysis, Accounting & Controllership, Tax, Investor Relations, Treasury, Internal Audit and Enterprise Risk Management functions. During his tenure, Abishek spearheaded several critical transformational initiatives. Through this work, he has developed a deep understanding of Yobitel from both financial and business operations perspectives.


Abishek has obtained his Master’s degree from University of Leeds, UK specialized in Broadband Wireless and Optical Communications.

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