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Yobitel have developed a agile, flexible approach to serve you through creating a requirement specific, reliable and secure environment.

Managed Services

Available, Optimized and Secure at all time.

Clients partner with Yobitel for a standardized and automated process that ensures reliability and flawlessness. Yobitel helps clients meet the challenge of aligning IT with business imperatives by shifting to a hybrid IT using managed services.


Our sophisticated orchestration in maintaining and managing data further reduces turnaround time for clients.

Managed services critical devices ensure maximum integrity in the form of virus protection, patch management and code upgrade for network equipment. Offsite backup ensures data recovery either locally or to a designated DR site. Managed industry applications include Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint and WEB solutions such as Apache - we can support many others as required.

Each customer can access key information gathered through monitoring through a discrete, personalized portal.

Service Anchor
Managed Services

How can we succeed your business.

Cloud Center

Yobitel’s Cloud Center takes care facilitating and maintain your fully managed on-demand, cost effective, highly reliable and extremely scalable IaaS / PaaS cloud computing infrastructure including capacity planning, performance assessment, proactive health check, back up and disaster recovery management on an automated environment guarded with cloud stack security.

Infrastructure Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM)

Yobitel’s RMM solutions provide best-in-class platform to remotely monitor, manage and control all your cloud workloads - data and applications from a single pane of glass over a PAYG monthly recurring revenue model. The service stacks were widely categorized in to cloud enabled services, cloud native services and automation services.


RMM subscription packs were chosen in accordance to the service requirements meeting the business needs. Take action from anywhere and monitor your cloud services 24/7 and resolving any problems in seconds through our dedicated support team. 

Service Operations

Integrating your infrastructure with 3rd Party applications and cloud services, standardizing cloud file formats over cloud to cloud data transformation, data backup & protection process and promoting more cloud native services includes containerization and microservices are effectively managed by our customized REST API’s, Integrated software vendors and automated orchestration workflows.


Instead using cloud for digital dumping ground for data storage, our calibre of excellency in service optimization manages placing right resources i.e, instances, disaster recovery on a cognitive approach and cost effective way. Yobitel’s service transformation enables the users easily managing service operations with auto deploy, auto provision, auto scale and auto healing of services. 

Cloud Deployment Services

Deploying hybrid applications across either an enterprise suite software defined on-premesis datacenter or a centrally hosted on-demand public cloud stacks, scaling and migration over multi vendor, multicloud services are achieved through streamlined and customized service management integration.


Cloud Deployment Services provides agility through policy-based governance, security compliance. Through zero touch deployments, zero vendor & subscription lock-in both data and applications are migrated seamlessly beyond single cloud platforms and brings in operational risk reduction, data accuracy and digital transformation visibility. 

Data Center Consolidation

As the industry is consolidating, the age-old physical infrastructure is moving towards virtualization. Existing virtualized environments are now getting consolidated to private clouds. Non-critical environments are moved out of private cloud to public cloud. Yobitel helps you in the underlying compute capacity, network and security equipment.


  • Robust performance through our comprehensive range of on-demand delivery models, across time zones, countries and locations

  • Cost optimisation with enhanced quality across on-site, offshore and hybrid delivery models

  • Integrate data segments and other shared services to cloud with ease

  • Comprehensive self-healing solutions and technology management including planning, performance, assessment and back up that is also outside of automation

Infrastructure & Cloud Assessment

Framework that assess the maturity of the clients IT landscape contributing to the availability and performance of the business 


Identify the Scope, Planning and Kickoff

  • Stakeholder identifications and kickoff​

  • Under stand business need and drivers

  • Across components such as Servers, DB, Network, Storage, Applications


Scanning the Environment with tools or Manual

  • Tool based infra discovery or manual

  • inventory collections

  • Keys asks data collections

  • Mutual value discussion with the stakeholder

  • Have a report of your infrastructure status quo


Observations, Inference, profiling & Analysis

  • Data sanitization & Validation

  • Data consolidation and analysis

  • Analyze maturity gap with profiling & select the best approach

  • Areas of cost optimization –short & long term goals


Infra remediation and transformation roadmaps

  • Build comprehensive reports

  • Recommendations and reviews

  • Better managed IT risks and resources

  • Map to Yobitel’s offerings

Infra Assess

Why Infrastructure & Cloud Assessment?

  • Empowers your team to make informed cloud strategy decisions

  • Identifies cost savings leveraging your next - generation infrastructure with TCO & TVO

  • Provides business case justification and reliable ROI

  • Establishes a migration road map for deployments

  • Provides documentation of server and application interdependencies

  • Ideal way to plan the implementation of new or migration of existing systems to the cloud

  • Fixed time to delivery & Data driven business process

Cloud Automation

Available, Optimized and Secure at all time.

Our cloud automation service represents the comprehensive cloud service portfolio you need to achieve a seamless, efficient and affordable transition to conducting your business in the cloud.

Self Management
Processing requests without human intervention;

therefore, workload provisioning, placement, movement, and tear-down must all be fully automated and self managed via our services

Right Usage of Tools
Our experts know what tools suits the best for your environment without having any impact on the running services

Operations with Reduced OPEx

We understand for your business vision and optimizing the cost would definitely keep you focused by investing in the areas that needs the most

Align to the Market Trend
Our services will give you a competitors edge by

keeping you ahead in the market. We always deliver to keep you on the top

Cloud Automation
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