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Transform - Converge - Automate

We call ourselves 


What we do

We are a Cloud-Native Services, Multi-Cloud Cluster Services and SaaS Management Platform Provider who enables the Digital Transformation visibility for end users through accelerated innovation of containerized application delivery, Data-driven self-service Business Intelligence Fabric tools and operational flexibility with Artificial Intelligence and Open Cloud Architecture with the motive of promoting more Cloud Native Services with increased business agility and intelligence automated Orchestration. 



Through our industry-leading and cutting edge technology solutions, we re-energize the process of dynamic infrastructure intelligence governance through our Cloud Center Stack Services and Yobibyte Multi-Cloud & Cluster Management platform. With our highly associated team,  we serve customers across UK, Europe, and the Middle East, we deliver quality designs with better TCO & TVO operational excellence and high end fully managed consulting, technical support services.      

Key facts

4 Countries

Connecting globally by multiple Offices and Operations in 4 countries

5 Years

Founded in 2014 and crossing 6th year in service successfully

50+ Employees

Delivering excellence and operational values across UK, Europe, Gulf and India through our talented people

20+ Customers

70% of our valuable clients from Fortune 500 Companies worldwide

7+ Industries

Wide expertise in serving cross-functional verticals ranging from ITES - BFSI - Healthcare & Retail, etc.,

What we expertise and innovate

Cloud Native Stack

We create competitive and leading edge cloud-native services as solution stacks to the clients with our Kubernetes based containers and cloud native partners, ensure transition is delivered safely across right channels.    

Yobibyte Cloud

With our continuous efforts we invest in shaping the needs of hybrid clouds, we bring effortless solutions for multi-cloud platform as Yobibyte Cloud to address the continuous automation &  secured workloads between right parties.

Unified Cloud Center

We combinely manage cloud workloads from the multi-cloud parties, containers, serverless clusters, and enable continuous delivery & automation, monitoring & optimization with our centrally managed Unified Cloud Center

Professional Services

We help clients transform strategic approaches  to technologies and create business benefits through our intelligently managed   service for IT with right consultation, integration, governance and on demand service management.  

24/7 Console Support 

We provide technical assistance & remote side support for the multi-tenant and site reliability operations, cloud-native application delivery on-demand and offloading the minimal downtime with our unique collaboration experience. 

What we strongly believe

Our core values represent our ethics and determine the root of our organization. We breath our core values through the connected individual emotions.  

We help customers use technology to effectively turn ideas into value. In turn, they transform industries, markets and lives.

We achieve global transformation in IT through unify, automate and digitally connect everyone across the world. Keeping evolution as Constant, we make a platform for every individual and organization to reinvent and innovate their business during each convergence phase in technology.


Our vision broadens the function what we capable of, “Transform - Converge - Automate"


We make IT environments more efficient, productive and secure, enabling fast, flexible responses to a rapidly changing competitive landscape. We enable organisations to act quickly on ideas by delivering infrastructure that can be easily composed and recomposed to meet shifting demands by which they can lead in today’s marketplace of disruptive innovation.

We bring transparency between people and business to achieve their goals exponentially, simplify complex ideologies and make things into reality beyond imaginations continuously.


Our transformation in every business is carried by the culture we practice, service we follow, products we bring, solutions we provide and mission we focus.


Our ultimate Digital Transformation roadmap begins with an approach to address the DNA of Septillion data transactions and Yottabyte storage limit by 2025, causing a great demand in Artificial Intelligence and Supercomputing needs to achieve Data Driven Business Intelligence Fabric suit over Open Architecture principles. 


With a greater vision of marching the right platform to benchmark the capacity of data through Activity Based Intelligence and providing Perceptive Analysis roadmap, motivating tremendous performance up gradation in business agility, cost, security and data speeds. 

The origin of Yobitel
2018 - We are Purely Cloud Native

As of 1st February 2018, Yobitel becomes purely cloud-native. Through Yobibyte and Cloud Center, we manage SaaS based enterprise grade multi-cloud clusters using Kubernetes containers & hybrid clouds thus by supporting digital transformation and infrastructure data management to our global clients. 

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