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​We are purely Cloud Native Your Journey Starts Here

> A SaaS based Cloud-Native Application Stacks <

Advancing the SaaS workloads with Custom Resource Definition Operators       
Trusted by more than 1000+ enterprises and framed successful roadmap seamlessly  

Our Services

Cloud Native Services

Scale Cloud Native applications seamless without limitations with our container orchestration


Deliver software faster, scalable and continuously on-demand by distributed systems at scale for repeatable automation


Migrate your infrastructure workloads to the cloud & clusters then enjoy the benefits of automating your IT tasks.


A fully managed functional level backend abstraction with zero administration and no vendor lock-in platform on your hands



An Enterprise-scale Cloud-Native Application Stack

Automate, accelerate and transform your data over self-service SaaS-based Business Intelligent Management Fabric and Data Driven Business Automation through the application stack.

Available on

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Flexible in Approach

Yobibyte OpenSource

Application Charts over K8s for community developers

A list of k8 based 200+ ready to deploy applications as Helm charts with regularly maintained artifacts and can be installed in desired clouds available for community developers globally  

Browse OpenSource Charts

Yobibyte Enterprise

Containerized Cloud-Native Solution Stacks

Highly optimized and customized solution stacks rich in integrated applications as containers, packaged for Advanced Kubernetes driven deployments in Enterprises

Visit Enterprise Stacks

Instant Deploy for all your Cloud-Native Apps

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Select an App

Pick your customized enterprise-grade 

apps/stacks from the cloud-native library 

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Deploy Stacks in Seconds

Scale the Enterprise in Robust

Provision the apps on the choice of own cloud with our advanced CRD operators

Scale and secure your infrastructure apps with multi-region high availability clusters 

Our Digital Presence 


Cloud Native Apps


Monthly Subscriptions


Enterprise Customers


Major Cloud Marketplace

Platform Highlights

Operator Managed Stacks

Yobitel cloud-native stacks are regulated with CRD Operators for seamless deployment, management and monitoring of cloud-native container apps including rolling upgrades & regulated version control, automatic application re-package provisioning & re-deploying, and a full app lifecycle management for clusters.


Highly Available & Secured

Yobitel cloud-native stacks maintain horizontal & vertical tuning of clusters with multi-cluster global load balancing, backup & failure recovery ensuring enterprise-grade multi-region high availability. Yobitel cloud-native stacks are shielded as secured container images protect and continuously scan against vulnerabilities with best practices.


Production Grade & Efficient

Yobitel cloud-native stacks maintain ease of procedures with increased infrastructure and application resiliency to meet the high level industry standards for its every stacks, best utilization of aws & 3rd party resources in the cloud marketplace and available instantly for ready-to-deploy services.


Our Application Library

Why Yobitel

Yobitel provides solutions for companies in Software & ITES, BFSI, Healthcare, Manufacturing. Retail, Logistics and more verticals meeting the technology demands.

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CI/CD DevOps Continuous Automation

Cloud-Native Application Stacks

Cloud Pollination & Intelligence Optimization

Refactor Monolithic to Microservices 

SaaS Transformation

Our Major Technology Alliances 

Our planet-scale cloud-native platform adopts enterprises most widely for building microservices, serverless applications and automate workloads continuously with the support of multi-cloud infrastructure providers. 


Free Consultation

Are you an Enterprise looking to adopt production-ready Containerized Applications or Cloud-Native Stacks in nearby months? Get a 30 minutes consultation from our IT Experts to begin your roadmap in Cloud-Native Solutions Factory.

We Help Our Clients to


Gain Visibility

We work collaboratively with your company to gain visibility of the development process. We identify missing building blocks for company efficiency and classify areas for improvement with delivery monitoring and reporting


Get More Work Done

Quality of delivery is a key attribute of productivity aimed at preventing unstable load. Looking to get the most out of your R&D team? We are here to help your senior experts achieve better results with less stress and better team engagement.


Get More Work Launch Products Faster

Our clients have improved their competitiveness and time to market efficiency by up to 30%. They’re not dealing with delays any more from cumbersome development cycles or documentation, red-tape and quality assurace stages.


Improve Quality

We help our clients achieve this mark by improving quality across the whole organization. Get better clarity on requirements by improving collaboration between software developers and quality engineers and introducing effective agile practices

Opportunity Begins Here

Yobitel’s prime motivation is to bring transparency and user friendly experience for organization can be part of creating digital technology revolution and removes the barriers on location, experience and business backgrounds.

Our transformation solutions matches the business across different verticals, were completely tailor made and customized with our high end cutting edge technologies.

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