Enterprise Kubernetes Platform

Deliver best practices, policies & governance, security features, on one unified Cluster Management Platform to support & scale multiple production systems on any clouds.
Obtain enterprise licenses and acquire expert advice, support & toolsets with Yobitel's Cloud Center for Enterprise Kubernetes.


Community Edition

Kickstart your cloud-native application and start experiencing the unleashing microservices, container possibilities over Kubernetes medium.

Max 3 Nodes


Development Edition

Hosted cloud-native stacks with guaranteed uptime and featured support for licensed clusters on an unlimited development scope.   

Up to 8 Nodes


Enterprise Edition

Enterprise ready multi-cloud cluster Kubernetes platform with continuous monitoring & service mesh over private cloud or managed public cloud.  

                   Min 10 Nodes


Support Plans

Embrace the technology at it's best and manage your containerized application cloud-native stacks with zero downtime productivity. Subscribe our Business Support Plans for the non-critical to super-scale production environments with our world-class cloud-native kubernetes certified platform experts 24/7. 

per worker node


Business Support

per worker node


Professional Support

per worker node


Premium Support

Support Features

Small Title

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VMWare & K8's

Deploy, run and manage Kuberneted for multi-cloud enterprises with VMWare Cloud PKS Clusters. 

K8 on Baremetal

Adopt, prepare and run self- managed kubernetes enterprise solutions on any on-premise private clouds.

K8 on any Cloud

Custom defined containers for highly secured solution-oriented enterprise applications on any clouds.  

Managed Istio

Joining K8's with Managed istio provides advanced CNI capability and service mesh layer on distributed clusters.

Managed EKS

Migrate containerized application workloads to the world's dominant & secure AWS EKS Platform in minutes.


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Managed GKE

Acquire native kubernetes applications on best-in-class Google's Kubernetes Engine with zero commands.

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Managed AKS

One-touch deploy microservice apps and customized Microsoft bundled packages on Azure AKS. 

Cisco & K8's

Cisco ACI and Kubernetes containers accelerate hybrid application deployment for faster business delivery.  


Beyond Enterprise Kubernetes Platform - A way to Cloud-Native World

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Cloud-Native Stacks & Fintech

Cloud-Native Stacks & Ecommerce

Cloud-Native Stacks & Healthcare

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