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Continous Container Orchestration for cloud native application development with Kubernetes and beyond.
Endless Transformation to Cloud Native Microservices Apps across multiple hybrid cloud platforms by Yobitel's Cloud-Native Center.
Cloud Center
Continuous Development & Automation

Our home is safe and secure always 

Get incredible self-service plans and policy-based templates to your clients in weeks, not years. 

Yobitel conquers enterprise customers with world-class experience through it's unique Cloud-Native Center. Cloud Center integrates the cross-functions of connecting complex multi-cloud cluster platforms by it's tightly coupled cloud-native stack, microservices over container orchestration, serverless functions and secured CI/CD operations on a single managed platform.  




Cloud Native Stack

A Multi-Cloud Cluster Platform - in Kubernetes Way 

Cloud Native stack gives users a universal control plane over native Kubernetes multi-cloud clusters to deploy horizontal auto-scaling, persistent storage CSI provision, CI/CD pipelines with continuous security, CNI frameworks and continuous monitoring automation to bring instant future-ready cloud-native applications. 

Cloud native stacks.jpg
Cloud Native Stack

Why to Cloud Native

< Prescriptive software stacks /> 
< Loosely Coupled Microservices />
< Auto-Provision + Auto-Scale + Auto-Resilience />
< Policy-driven resource allocation />
< Persistent Clusters - Stateless + Stateful Services /> 
< Enterprise-grade hybrid Serverless functions />
< Multiple continuous integration /delivery (CI/CD) pipelines  />
< Intelligent Cluster workflow monitoring & automation /> 

Container Orchestration

Challenge Accepted ? It's Electric!!!

When you make your application development rapidly in the modern cloud-native world, the womb of container orchestration shapes the platform more identical for preparing planet-scale environments over enterprise-grade complex kubernetes cluster deployments.  

Design (9).jpeg

What's in our Galaxy

Modeled CNI -            Container Network Interface 

Container Network Interface becomes the heart of Yobitel Cloud Center, a well-managed network stack (Calico, Flannel, Cicilium, etc.,) to enable container-to-container communications, multi-cloud network virtualization and a network policy engine for cloud-native service drivers.


A SaaS-based continuously managed Kubernetes-as-a-Service at enterprise scale with guaranteed 24/7/365 & 99.9% SLA, remotely monitored and runs across multi-cloud providers and any infrastructure environments with no operational overhead. 

Infrastructure Orchestration

Create multi-host, multi-cluster orchestration and manage hybrid workloads & applications ranging from telco-retail-fintech industries over the user choice of multi-cloud providers (ECS, EKS, AKS, GKE) or other bare metal private Kubernetes providers with total control and flexibility.        

Auto Healing

Providing Authorization of continuous health check automation for containers and highly intelligent auto-healing, auto-replication & auto placement self-running environments for cloud-native stacks i.e., self-healing networks, services, and applications.  

High Availability & Instant Load Balancing 

Container-native load balancing brings improved network performance, increased visibility for managing distributed container resources and ensuring highly available services with native health checks of HTTPS, TCP/SSL over L4/L7 layers for on-demand cloud-native applications.    

Automated Rolling Upgrades

Continuous maintenance for cloud-native services and application with remote zero-touch upgrades, instant security patching, and zero-downtime rolling upgrades on a mission-critical use case under strict SLA's to keep up pace with constant enhancements.  

Container Orchestration

kubectl apply --context=$CTX_CLUSTER1 -n foo -f - <<EOF
kind: ServiceEntry
     name: httpbin-bar
     # must be of form
     location: MESH_INTERNAL
     -  name: http1
        number: 8000
        protocol: http
     resolution: DNS
     -  address:
        network: external
            http1: 15443 # Do not change this port value
     - address: istio-egressgateway.istio-system.svc.cluster.local
            http1: 15443

Enterprise ready Service-Mesh 

Demand-driven traffic auto-scaling

Intelligent Mesh

Workload specific multi-cluster environment with decentralized routing controls, global load balancing with fine-grained routing, QoS-aware L4 & L7 traffic director and Envoy Proxy service discovery.  

Centralized Health

Built-in request tracing, fault injection, service authentication, managing clusters across different types of clouds and different locations and providing serviceability, policy checking centrally with Istio Mixer. 

Powered by Istio and Envoy supporting from centralized to de-centralized architectures without compromising the scalability.   

Transform Serverless; Being Serverless 

Save 80% on computing costs over Multi-Cloud Cluster Infrastructure with lightning speed 

Trigger your functions faster ever before quicker and easier with few lines of codes over any environments. Breakdown the applications and run the codes with confidence, get real-time visibility & better TCO/TVO through our Cloud Center's serverless platform.    

Serverless Transformation

Our Cloud-Native latest insights

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