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Hosting Containerized Cloud-Native Stacks (Kubernetes) on GCP Marketplace

Google Cloud Marketplace is the fastest way for the customers to get started on Google Cloud Platform (GCP). GCP Marketplace offers ready-to-go development stacks, solutions, and services to accelerate development so that the users can spend less time installing and more time developing the application. Why Google cloud marketplace? Deploy in a few clicks. Production-ready solutions. Augment platform capabilities. Streamlined billing. Built using Deployment Manager. Security update notifications. Steps to place the application on Google cloud marketplace: The technical integration of the overall procedure is shown in the below diagram. The main seven steps need to be followed while placing a

Orchestrating Zero-Down Time Blue-Green Deployments for Production Workloads in Kubernetes

This article is mainly concerned about the most trending word in the cloud-native world that is blue-green deployment. Blue-green deployment is a technique that reduces downtime and risk by running two similar production environments called Blue and Green and among those two, only one of the environments is active and it is serving all production traffic. For example, if Green is active then blue is idle. When you are updating the application or releasing the new version of the software, then deployment and the final stage of testing takes place in the idle environment. Once you have deployed and fully tested the software in the idle environment, you switch the router, so that now all incomi

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