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The reason why you should be a Kubernetes Certified and Cloud-Native architect in 2020?

These days enterprises are gearing up to create modern architectures and addressing the cloud-native maturity model with containerization, Microservices, Serverless, continuous delivery and deployment, Kubernetes plays an important role in this game. As the dependency for Kubernetes and cloud-native services bring more attention, everyone should aware why you should be Kubernetes Certified Cloud-Native Architect in 2020.

  • During the adoption of Containerization, enterprises preferring multi-cluster scenarios with a Kubernetes managed hybrid-cloud model — EKS, GKE, AKS, and others.

  • With the matured and proven underlying light-weight architecture, Kubernetes manages the largest container orchestration platform and being the Multi-Cloud Cluster platform provider.

  • Easy integration of Helm, Istio, EFK, Microservices continuous pipeline deployments for developers, security and storage medium.

  • Backed by technology giants like Google, Cisco, VMware, Microsoft, Amazon, and many other bigger corporations.

  • A traditional shift from cloud-enabled to cloud-native to bring more efficiency in workload scalability, high availability, rich application feature-set and support.

  • Widely integrates most of CNCF projects to provide fully managed open-source solutions for SaaS-based applications.

Demand vs Availability for Kubernetes Certified Engineers:

Due to the increased adoption of Kubernetes managed container solutions by 26% worldwide in recent years and doubling the frequency in 2019 and with an expectation of more than 60% by 2020. This creates more Kubernetes based job vacancies globally with high demand. For meeting the population gap with the future requirement over Kubernetes Certified Engineers; Kubernetes Foundation, CNCF, and Linux Foundation promoting more KCSP - Kubernetes Certified Service Providers on a regional basis.

Yobitel being the KCSP - Kubernetes Certified Service Provider prepares and delivers quality engineers across the United Kingdom, Europe, Gulf, and Indian sub-continent as CKA -Certified Kubernetes Administrator professionals and more with Advanced Kubernetes & Associated Services, Cloud-native service transformation.

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